Senkportal Peek & Cloppenburg Innenansicht
Senkportale im Detail
Descending Portal Peek & Cloppenburg, Wien
Peek & Cloppenburg, Wien

Descending Portals

Invisible when open. Our descending portals can be lowered entirely into the basement at the press of a button thanks to concealed electro-hydraulic lifting technology, making them perfect for high-traffic entrances that are able to withstand large crowds while being functional.

The descending portals also feature several swing doors that can be turned 90 degrees as needed to provide an alternative opening option. The look of the system can be flexibly adapted to the shopfront and the store’s interior design.

Breuninger Faltportale
Faltportale Breuninger
Faltportale Breuninger
Faltportale bei Breuninger
Breuninger, Nürnberg
Breuninger, Nürnberg

Folding Doors

Folding technology for high-traffic entrances. High-traffic entrances call for special solutions. Our folding doors are specifically designed for use in places with a large number of customers. Available with central locking, the systems are tough and are easy to customise.

In winter, the folding doors work as regular swing doors, keeping energy costs low. In summer, they can be stowed in a concealed side position of the shop management’s choice, making the entrance fully accessible and especially inviting.

Esprit Faltportale
Faltportale Esprit